Monday, December 12, 2011

The Okahara Family

We met the Okahara family at the Yelp Halloween event where we took these gorgeous pics:

Leila owns Kreativephoto, a really nice photo booth company.  If you're not familiar with the concept, (you know, for those who were in space for the last ten years or so), photo booths are set up at events like weddings, fundraisers, first birthdays and Yelp parties.  You go into the booth and 1, 2, 3 cheese!  Then Leila puts your photos on this really cute strip with the name of the event on the bottom.  The print quality that they use is really nice and the pictures came out FAST.  They were one of the most popular spots at the Yelp party, so I was really glad when Leila called to take family pictures with us.  They have a really sweet (and photogenic) toddler that they were a little worried might act shy, but Nancy got him out of his shell within a few minutes, and after that, he had as much fun as the rest of the family.  What a charming smile! 

Get in touch with Leila at if you're looking for a photo booth for your own event.  She is really sweet and I'm sure they would love to take pictures at your next party!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Ito's

     The Ito Family is back with a new edition!  They welcomed a baby girl into their lives last year, and this was the first time we've gotten to photo the whole family.  She looks like she's doing fine holding her own against her two big brothers.  Julie & Marshall, your family is alway so much fun to photograph!  We end up having a great workout by the time we're done.  Hope to do it again next year!  

Monday, October 31, 2011

Yelpy Halloween!

Once again, we got to party with the Yelp Elite.  THIS time the event was Yelp's High Flyin' Halloween Party at the new Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island.  And most of these Yelpers went all-out on their costumes (when you're surrounded by  recognized critics, your costume HAS to be good). The museum has some amazing World War II era planes and other large scale items on display.  This is not a "glass case" kind of museum.  The exhibits really put you IN the scene.  There is also a lot of floor space since it used to be a military hangar.   Great for a dance floor!

This Yelp event was organized once again by the INCREDIBLY talented and detail oriented Emi Hart who we caught up with while setting up the DIY cupcake station.  Notice the airplane themed costume.  We told you she was all about the details! 

The "nerds" from T-Mobile who donated prizes for the costume contest.

Thanks again to Paul's Poppers (who were at the last Yelp event with us)!  We would have been STARVING all night if you guys hadn't been there!  And the new lilikoi cheesecake popper was killer!

P.F. Chang's kept the drinks going all night.  The giant missiles behind them were pretty freaky though.  

It was also great to meet Leila Okahara & her husband with Kreative Photo.  If you need a photo booth, their rates are REALLY good (like ours)!  The print quality from the photos they took was high res, clean & glossy.  

 Sounds were provided by DJ Troy Michael.  You guys were a lot of fun!

Regal Bakery showed off their BACON doughnuts!  Of course they also had some vegetarian options too.  Makes doughnuts almost sound healthy when you put it that way!

Aloha Beer Company (brewed at Sam Choy's) brought the Aloha Lager!

Another great part of the museum is the Combat Simulator Flights.  

 When flying like a bat just isn't cutting it.

 No Halloween party is complete without a costume contest.  Some of our favorites included: Kitana from Mortal Kombat

(Thankfully) Non-Twilight Vampires

Geppetto & Pinocchio 

Mr. & Mrs. Julia Childs

Charlie & his two Goddesses - this giant Charlie face just got funnier all night.

And the winner of this year's costume contest...LEGO BATMAN!!

Right after the contest, several of the guests broke out into a flash mob THRILLER.  

 We hope everyone had as much fun as we did.  Here's a few more pictures of the creative costumes that turned up: 

You can see ALL the photos from this event at our gallery
Happy Halloween, Everybody!!
Nancy & Sunshine