Monday, July 30, 2012

Cook Family

Small world, this Hawaiian island.  We set up a shoot with the Cook family and when we got to Magic Island, we realized that they looked really familiar.  Their family had actually visited our church a few weeks earlier!  Their two girls were adorably sweet and friendly, so it made for a really fun shoot at the park.  I don't usually go with the sepia type of look for photos, but I loved the way it looked with some of these images.  So classic!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Honolulu Zoo - Over the Fence

When we shot an event at the Honolulu Zoo this summer for Yelp and Emi H's amazing crew, we had no idea the man standing next to us in the aloha shirt was zoo director, Manuel Mollinedo.  He invited us to come back on a morning and have a special behind the scenes tour with one of the workers in exchange for photos of the day.  Our guide, Mary gave us great instructions and took us safely over the wall in the giraffe & zebra safari exhibit.  The giraffe were really curious greeted us individually as we stepped up to take a turn, trying not to spook them because if you're a giraffe, you do NOT want to twist an ankle.  We got some great shots of the giraffe up close and personal and we want to share some  with you too because you can't just go around getting licked by a giraffe every day.  Special thanks to Mary & Manuel for setting up this great adventure for us!  I think it was one of Nancy's Best-Day-Evers.  And of course, please don't climb over any fences or walls at the zoo to get a good picture.  We had special permission & supervision so that we could make sure all humans and animals walked away safely & happily.  Warning: loads of pictures! 

Even the camera looks suspicious & needs to be checked out.

The truly dangerous animal herd:

Some Birds look like they were just meant to be eaten. 

Looks dead, right?  Nope, just sunnin' himself.